EF-8000L Digital Door Locks

This product can open the door 4way via fingerprint, password, smart card & emergency keys

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Product Description

  • 1. Durable metallic body against external shocks and fire
  • 2. Auto-lock, Re-lock, double lock function for user convenience and security
  • 3. Random Number and Multi-touch features that enhance password security. (1time entry password available)
  • 4. Up to 100 fingerprints can be registered
  • 5. Up to 30 Smart cards can be registered
  • 6. In case of emergency, use the mechanical key to open the door
  • 7. One touch Close and open fingerprint cover operation
  • 8. Operate with 9V battery from outside when internal battery is discharged
  • 9. Detects fire from inside the house, when temperature rises above normal, it will generate an alarm and automatically unlocks the door
  • 10. Will sense and generate anti-prank and force break-in alarm


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