Our Services

Kansas Trading offers wide range of surveillance, security and access control systems , We have own manufacturing brand of surveillance cameras, CCTV cameras, mobile digital video recorders DVRs, access control systems, pan tilt zoom cameras, dome cameras, bullet cameras, spy cameras and box cameras, IR CCTV cameras, metal detectors, fire alarm systems, etc. Our services are turnkey which means that your experience will be completely hassle-free. While you focus on running your business smoothly, we focus on keeping it safe. Safeguard your home and your loved ones with the advanced surveillance systems specifically designed for residences. Whether you and your family are away on holiday or have tucked in for the night, our all-in-one CCTV solutions offer you peace of mind. From theft prevention to physical security and nanny monitoring, our user-friendly products creates a reliable safety net tailored to meet the unique demands of every household.

CCTV Security Surveillance

CCTV surveillance solutions allow businesses to monitor their site round the clock and ensure that the safety of their costly equipment is not compromised. We at Kansas consistently deliver on our promise of providing cost-effective security camera solutions backed by our best-in-class service and support.

We provide a wide range of services that include new security system installations, maintenance and enhancements to existing systems. We take great pride in our ability to partner with our customers to design customized security systems that are tailored to their unique needs at competitive prices.

Door Access Control Systems

Kansas offers most advanced and feature rich door access control systems. Being one of the leading door access control service providers in Dubai, we take our reputation and responsibilities seriously and offer best solutions that are fast, foolproof and secure. We give you a wide range of options with our door access control systems and allow you to choose a method of access which suits your requirements and your budget. We also provide you with premium quality installation services and help you set the system up and provide guidance regarding its use. For smooth operation, you can also opt for our comprehensive maintenance services.

Walkthrough metal detector

Metal detectors can be both walkthrough – to screen people as they pass through the portal, or handheld – where people are manually checked by security personnel using a handheld ‘wand’. Metal detectors can be used for both defensive security, for checking persons entering a building or venue or for loss prevention in warehousing for deterring theft and reducing shrinkage. Within the prison sector, metal detectors will alert guards to the presence of mobile phones, batteries and sim cards as well as detecting metallic weapons and blades. Kansas supplies conventional airport style metal detector gates for fixed installations at high security buildings, prisons, warehousing and public buildings

Time Attendance Solutions

Time attendance systems is a boon to the employers, they can monitor their work force better, reduce time theft and buddy punching during the working hours. If implemented wisely there is no doubt that it increases the productivity and professionalism in the work environment. Kansas provides a wide range of time attendance systems like biometric finger print device, swipe card biometric device, face, proximity and stand alone fingerprint time attendance device under one single roof. At Kansas we have qualified professionals to carry out commercial installations of any size in a number of sectors such as Education, Health Care, Financial and Commercial. We have set up to carry out high volume, fast turn round work at a competitive price.

CCTV Solutions for Business Users

Businesses need CCTV installations in Dubai to protect against different kinds of internal or external threats. Some businesses want to protect their inventory, others want protection against burglars, yet you may also need to prevent your employees or customers from stealing. There can be different scenarios in which business organizations need to protect themselves from the different types of risks.

CCTV Solutions for Offices

The CCTV cameras installed in your office would help you protect your assets while also guaranteeing safety of your employees and customers. The team at Prolynx can advise you on ideal placement of CCTV cameras as per the architecture or structure of your office. Our strategic CCTV camera placement will help you save cost yet ensuring full coverage of the desired areas.

CCTV Solutions for Retail Outlets

Retail outlets are always at the receiving end of theft by their customers or employees. Specific surveillance systems are designed to provide our retail customers with comprehensive coverage. There can be many areas within the retail outlet where an individual can get away with stolen items. Similarly, you can showcase your products at prominent places without having the fear of losing them altogether.

CCTV Solutions for Hotels

There are many places that hotels need to monitor without intruding the privacy of their visitors. For example the entrances and exits need to be watched around the clock to keep an eye on unwanted guests. Similarly our CCTV cameras can help hotels protect vital assets. Lastly, you can always keep a check on employees trying to spy on the hotel guests.

CCTV Solutions for Warehouses & Construction Sites

Inventory management and protection of assets is one of the biggest challenges for warehouses and construction sites alike. In order to keep control on the costs, the managers need to make sure that they are keeping track of all the assets. This is where our surveillance systems can take care of your assets by providing video coverage of all the areas within a warehouse or construction site.